Face Oils on Oily Skin??

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If you told me a couple of months ago to use face oils on my skin (other than a skin serum) I would have called you CRAZY!! Fast forward to now, and I can’t see myself not ever using them! I’ve been using the Supercharged Trio by GoodieCo for over a month now and they’ve dramatically changed the way I feel about using oils on my skin! Especially my oily skin.

The Supercharged Trio is ideal for oily to combination skin. These oils don’t make me look more shiny and they haven’t cased any breakouts. In fact, my skin has been doing so good! I usually get pimples around my chin and jaw line every month and so far, nothing! This has been the only change I’ve made in my skin care regimen! So I’m super stoked on that! GoodieCo’s website says that with daily usage these will minimize pores, calm breakouts and blemishes, manage shine and allow makeup to glide on and stay on without melting away. So far, they’ve done just that. I’m a beauty junkie and I only will tell you guys about products I truly love, and these are amazing. Here’s a breakdown of each product.

Dream Serum– This is a dual action serum and primer. It keeps your makeup fresh for up to 12 hours!! It also has amazing benefits for your skin. It plumps, rejuvenates and protects it. It doesn’t make me shiny at all! In fact, I think it actually helps control my oils and keeps me looking nice and matte. Formulated with Vegan Hyaluronic Acid, this product it amazing!!

Mint Cleansing Oil– This oil takes my makeup off so good!! Even the most waterproof products don’t stand a chance staying on when you use this oil. This oil also unclogs your pores and balances your skin’s natural oil levels. It uses a native oil to Australia, the Kunzea Oil that  is anti-bacterial!! Great for cleansing off all the junk off your face. And it smells amazing!

Bright Treatment Oil This oil is jam-packed with amazing ingredients for your skin. It has a powerful toning essential oil that instantly firms, tones, and plumps the skin’s surface. Also helps to manage breakouts and blemishes. I use this morning and night and have seen amazing results in my skin.

Watch my video to see me put these oils to work.


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