What I Use to Blog + Vlog + Edit

What I Use to Blog + Vlog + Edit

One of the biggest questions I get about my blog & videos is what kind of camera do I use, what kind of lighting, and how do I edit. I thought I would write a whole post about all the stuff I use for blogging. I hope this helps anyone out looking to find affordable equipment to help out your blog or YouTube channel. Lets get started….

Some quick history. I’ve only been blogging for a year now, only been doing YouTube for 6 months. I’m not a professional photographer or videographer. But I’ve done my research and these are the products that have been working for me. I’m also a girl who loves a good deal, don’t we all?


Using my ring light and soft boxes to take product pictures at night.


The camera I’ve been using for pictures and video, which is actually my first DSLR Camera is the Sony a5100. I follow a lot of YouTube makeup girls and this is the camera they always suggested. It’s small, affordable and a great beginner’s professional camera. The picture quality is great and it was easy for me to figure out! Big plus. My two favorite features is that it has a flip-up screen so you can take the perfect selfie. The flip up screen also comes in handy when I film a video because I can see if I’m in focus or not. My other favorite feature on this camera is that it has built-in Wi-Fi. This is so handy because I can literally transfer all my pictures to my computer or phone in seconds. It has a great microphone built into the camera so I don’t even have to use a separate one when I’m filming videos.

This camera has a great kit lens but I was ready for an upgrade. Instead of buying a whole new camera, I just bought an upgraded 50mm lens. It’s taken my pictures and videos to a whole other level! It blurs the backgrounds so good! The focus is perfect when I film makeup tutorials. I’m still trying to figure out everything that goes into photography but learning is half the fun!


Lighting is something I’m still trying to master but I think I’m getting it…finally. When I first started out I only used a ring light. The ring light has been my secret weapon for my makeup pictures. I couldn’t believe what a difference this light made when I first got it. Once I started doing YouTube videos I needed something more. I stepped up my game a few months later and invested into SoftBox lighting. And by investing, I mean at a good deal, $65! These took my videos and pictures to a whole other level! Especially when I want to film at night, these three lights save the day. Even when I film or take pictures during the day, I find myself using these lights. They just create the perfect lighting.


I’ve invested in a really nice camera tripod only to have it break after a couple of months. I learned my lesson and I know purchase less expensive tripods. Like this one from Amazon. It’s lightweight and really compact when folded down. I use this tripod when the hubby isn’t around and I need to take pictures for my blog. I just set it up and start shooting.


I took this with my camera set up on the tripod. My camera has wi-fi so I use my cell phone as the remote (it’s behind all the fur)

Portable Light Reflectors have been my new fun toy I’ve been playing around with. I love how it as different colored reflectors to change the warmth or coolness to your photo or video. I’ve been putting the silver reflector below me when I film a video and it really brightens up my whole face. They’re pretty rad.


Learning how to edit your pictures will be a lifesaver! It has for me. I’m not talking about overly editing where you end up looking like a snapchat filter. But if I have a pimple, a hair in my face, bad lighting (the list goes on) I’m going to edit it. I don’t use Photoshop or anything fancy. Just a couple of apps on my phone. I have a process after I import my pictures into my phone. This is it…

Photos– I open up the picture I want to edit on my Iphone and I use the edit feature in Photos to adjust the brightness, contrast and exposure (if needed) Sometimes I don’t have to do this step if the picture was taking with some bomb lighting.

FaceTune– I’ll use this app next. Best thing is it’s free! I’ll use it to smooth out any pimples or imperfections. I love the details tool to really make my tattoos stand out. I also love the patch tool. If I have a part in the picture that I want to remove, I just use this tool to patch over what I want out of the picture.

Vesco– I’ve been sticking to a theme for my Instagram so I use this app to apply that same theme to every picture that I want to post on Instagram. It helps my feed look consistent and clean-looking ( I think at least) It’s not an editing app, it just has a bunch of different filters you can apply to your picture to change the overall mood of it. I like a more cooler color palette so if I have a picture that’s more on the warmer side, I’ll apply a vesco filter on it to change it to a cooler vibe.

For this picture I used all three apps. I brightened the picture up in Photos, in FaceTune I patched the corner of the drawer where the scuff marks are with the patch tool (like brand new), and in vesco I applied a filter to the picture to have a cooler vibe.

I’ve played around with other editing apps but I don’t like to edit my pictures any more than this.

iMovie– To edit my YouTube videos I use iMovie. I have Final Cut Pro on my computer but I haven’t got around to figuring it out yet. I will though. But for now, Imovie does the job just fine. I found it really easy to figure out and it’s everything I need to create videos. If I need help with something, I can just go to YouTube and search thousands of video tutorials on how to use iMovie. I love to learn things on my own so that’s how I do it.

instagram names

  1. LimoStudio 700W Soft-box Light Lighting Kit
  2. Sony a5100 Mirrorless Digital Camera
  3. Sony 50mm E Mount Lens 
  4. Amazon Basics 50-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag
  5. Neewer 32-Inch Portable Light Reflectors
  6. Neewer 18in Dimmable Ring Light


I think that covers it all. I hope this helped anyone who’s new to blogging, photography, or vlogging. I’m still learning myself and I would love to know some of your favorite tips and tricks when it comes to photography, editing, and vlogging. Thanks for coming by! Stay hippie <3





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