I was so excited when UpBra wanted to do a collaboration with me. I’ve heard so many good things about their bras. Being a bustier girl, it’s so hard for me to find bras that fit, especially strapless bras. Victoria’s secret only carries my size in only two styles of bras! And those bras look like something my grandmother would wear. No thanks. I pretty much gave up on wearing anything that required me to wear a strapless bra. Not anymore!!


The bra I’ve been using is The Miraculous Stay-Up Strapless Bra. It has a specifically formulated vinyl grip that helps to keep the bra in place. Which is amazing! What the Upbra is known for is their unique Active Lift System. When you want that extra lift and cleavage this bra will for sure give that to you! There’s two straps inside the bra that you pull on each side till you get the lift you’re looking for then hook the strap into the appropriate slot at the bottom of the bra. You don’t have to use the Active Lift System but it’s always there as an option when you really want that VaVaVoom look. I didn’t think the girls could look this good! I also love that this bra comes with straps so when you don’t want to go strapless you can put the straps on to make the bra into a convertible bra! I think it’s so cool how you get to control how much lift and cleavage you want.

How the UpBra works:

The Cleavage Control Straps is where the magic happens. This is the heart of the Upbra Active Lift technology. When you pull on the straps, your breasts move upwards and towards the center of your body. This creates cleavage like no other!

The Locking System is at the bottom of every Upbra. Just hook the Cleavage Control Straps into the desired slot to hold those babies in place! The more cleavage you want, just hook the cleavage control straps into the locking slot furthest from the center of the bra.

Extra Grip Support are on the inside of the cups of the bra. Little grippy hearts make sure your cleavage will stay up all day long.


If you’re interested in the UpBra you can find more information on their website, here. What are some of your favorite bras? I’d love to know. Thanks for reading. Stay Hippie!



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