No Sun Please! My Self Tanning Routine

No Sun Please! My Self Tanning Routine

Hello my hippie loves!! Today I’m hear to share with you how I self tan. Self tanning is the only way I keep my skin nice and sun kissed. I’m a vampire and I avoid the sun as much as I can. I wear sunscreen even if I’m not going to be out in the sun, you can check out my post here on my favorite sunscreens. It’s so important to protect your skin from the sun. Not only can it lead to cancer but it can cause wrinkles, and sun spots. No one wants any of that! So that’s why I self tan.

I’ve used many different self tanners and my top three favorites are:

All of these are amazing but Tanceuticals is my favorite! It gives a the most beautiful sun kissed glow and doesn’t have any weird tanning scent as it develops. Tanceuticals is actually rated the #1 best self tanner for 2017 on the website. Check it out here.

I prefer a mousse self tanner over a lotion. I just feel that you can see the product better and it blends out really nice for an even, streak free tan. I’m really pale and these formulas give me that beautiful, sun kissed glow.


  1. Exfoliate & Shave– This is one of the most important steps when you self tan. You want to make sure all the dead skin cells are gone so your tanner goes on flawlessly. I exfoliate in the shower using a homemade scrub. All I use is coffee grounds and sugar. Just mix the two ingredients together and scrub away! You don’t want to use a scrub that’s oil based cause it can cause your self tanner to not blend as good, which will cause streaks.
  2. Moisturize Dry Areas– Use a regular body lotion on your feet, ankles, knees, elbows, and hands. These areas are drier than the rest of your skin so your self tanner can really stick to those areas if they aren’t moisturized. You don’t want that.  This acts as a barrier.
  3. Use a Tanning Mit & Makeup Brush to Apply the Product– I’ve found that this is the easiest way to apply a self tanner. You just stick your hand into the mit, and apply the product directly to the mit. Spread the tanner onto your body in circular motions until it blends into your skin and you can’t see any streaks. I also go in with a kabuki style makeup brush, the Morphe M439, to really buff out and blend out the product to make sure its extra flawless.  Do this over your entire body. Your back can be difficult to reach. If my husband isn’t around to do my back I take a longer brush, apply the mit to the end of the brush, attach it with a hair tie and now you can apply your tanner to your back on your own. I never tan my face, I’ll just use a darker foundation to match my face to my skin when I’ve self tanned.
  4. Wash your hands– Wash your hands off after you’re done applying your self tanner to your body. The hands really pick up the self tanner and you don’t want them to look blotchy or orange.
  5. Wear Loose Fitting Clothing– After you’ve applied your tanner you don’t want your clothes to ruin it. I like to wear a loose fitting dress after I self tan. The Loving tan is great if you’re in a hurry because it develops in 2 hours. Most tanners develop in 7-8 hours. Depending on how long it takes to develop you want to make sure you don’t sweat or get wet. This can ruin your tan.
  6. Shower– After your tan develops rinse off. Don’t scrub or use a washcloth on your skin. You just want to lightly rub the product off with your hands. When you dry off, lightly pat your skin.
  7. Moisturize– You want to keep your skin moisturized so your tan lasts. If you do this your tan will last a couple of weeks.

If you follow these steps you’ll be bronzed and sun kissed like the goddess you are.

I’ve attached a video as well on my self tanning routine.

Thank you so much for stopping by. If you have any questions on self tanning just let me know. Have an amazing day hippie <3












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