My Favorite Essential Oils featuring Twig+Petal

Essential oils are a big part of my everyday life. I use them for a variety of things. I try to avoid pills and medication completely and incorporate essential oils instead. Essential Oils are all natural compounds found in the root, petal, leaf or bark of a plant. They have anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. Instead of a taking Tylenol that takes at least 30 minutes to work, essential oils can get into your bloodstream within 30 seconds! You can apply the oils directly to your skin or by inhaling them. Mother Nature’s pharmacy!

When I first got into using oils I was so overwhelmed on where to even start. What brand is good, and if the quality of the oil is pure? Then I came across Twig+Petal. Their products are 100% pure, organic and naturally concentrated so they deliver the most bang for your buck. I love how each batch of their oils are produced in small batches to ensure the highest quality. They take a lot of pride and effort into these oils! You can tell in the quality and how they work.

With so many essential oil brands out there, how is Twig + Petal different? Well they harvest wild plants that grow in their natural environments. The plants come from all over the world. Their farmers use century-old planting techniques to insure the ideal growing conditions for these plants. They process the plants in a gentle, low pressure, low temperature distillation. It’s great because they’re involved in every aspect it takes to produce these oils.

How I use my Oils:

Different oils have different purposes. Here’s a list of my top 3 favorite essential oils and how I use them.


  • I rub this oil on my temples when I have a headache
  • I add this oil to my shampoo to help stimulate my scalp and increase hair growth. It also helps to reduce dandruff
  • Instead of buying a bug repellent that’s loaded with chemicals, I put a few drops into a spray bottle with water and spray on my skin before I go on hikes or wherever I know a lot of bugs will be.
  • Fever Reducer


  • I keep a spray bottle by my bed filled with this oil mixed with some distilled water and spray it on my pillow to help me relax and fall asleep better. You can also use this instead of Febreez as an air freshener
  • If I burn myself I add this oil to the burn and rub it in. It helps relieve the pain, redness and swelling
  • I love using this oil in an oil diffuser to make the house smell amazing

Tea Tree Oil

  • When I have a huge pimple that won’t come to the surface, I’ll apply this oil to a q-tip and put it directly on the pimple. It helps to reduce the swelling and redness. Also, it brings the zit to a surface fast!
  • As an all purpose cleaner. Add 1-2 tsp. to a spray bottle with water. Tea Tree oil is naturally antibacterial and has powerful antimicrobial properties that can kill off bad bacteria in your home
  • I use that same spray to spray my dogs beds that are outside to keep fleas away
  • Works as an antiseptic on small cuts
  • Kills mold. I spray this oil in my shower, laundry machine, dishwasher and toilet.

Those are my top 3 essential oils that I use on an everyday basis.

What’s great about Twig + Petal is that they not only produce the basic oils but also they’re own blend of oils to help cure certain ailments.

Headache Relief Oil– A blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, and lavender helps eliminate tension. Roll on your temples and across your forehead to cure your headaches.

Sleep Roller-A blend of Lavender and neroli encourages a deeper, calmer and more restful sleep and helps relax your muscles. Apply to the bottoms of the feet, especially the big toe, or along the back of the neck.

Awakening– A blend of orange, lemon, and lime that invigorates and energizes your mind, body and spirit. You can apply this topically to the skin or add to your bathwater to help awaking your mind. Or add to a diffuser to make your house smell amazing.

Love Potion– A blend of orange, vanilla, and rose Otto. This blend acts as a natural aphrodisiac. So if you want to get in the mood use this oil! Apply to the bottoms of your feet, wrists, or back of your neck. Add to your bathwater or a diffuser.

Here’s a link to my favorite oil diffuser that’s pretty inexpensive and works great! Check it out here.

If you have any more questions about essential oils please leave a comment below and I’ll make sure to get back to you. And if you use essential oils I’d love to hear how you use them and what your favorites are. Thanks for stopping by my little hippies!

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      Thank you Natalie <3

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    I love essential oils, so much better than over-the-counter lotions.

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      August 2, 2017 / 9:48 am

      They really are.

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