Day Trip to Big Bear, CA

California is having one of the best winter’s we’ve had in a long time! I love every minute of it. We’ve been getting rain, snow and our random warm and sunny days. Like this weekend is going to be 77 degrees! Crazy. A couple of weekends ago we had some good snow fall in our local mountains and we had to make a trip up there to check it out. Lucky for us, the mountains are only a short hour and a half drive away. We gathered up a group of family and friends and drove up to Big Bear. Everyone else had the same idea and there was a lot of traffic getting up to the mountain but we found a secret spot and had the area all to ourselves. It was perfect! The snow was at least 3 feet of just powder. For someone like me, who grew up in Southern California, seeing snow like this is rare but so beautiful. We made a snowman, sledded down a hill we found, had some snowball fights, made snow angels, and grabbed some lunch at a local restaurant. I’ve posted some pictures of our adventure, hope you enjoy!


Selfie in the snow

Beautiful day

My two girlfriends, Karina, Stacey and me.

Just hanging out in the snow with Karina.

My nephew’s first time in the snow! He had a blast.

Gary, our snowman.

My love and I.

Group Picture!


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