I recently discovered the brand Mario Badescu and it’s safe to say that I’m obsessed with these products!! I’ve been using them for a few weeks and have already seen great results! My skin is oily/combination and it’s very hard to find products that don’t break my skin out. Everything I’ve tried so far is very gentle on my skin. Here’s a breakdown of my favorite products and a link to where you can purchase them!

Cucumber Cleansing Lotion- I use this after I’ve cleansed my face as a toner. I just apply it to a cotton round and rub it all over my face. It does a great job with getting any excess dirt, makeup, and any leftover oil I have on my face. It leaves my face feeling very refreshed and clean. Other toners I’ve tried will leave my face feeling super dry and I can’t wait to put on a moisturizer after using them but not this one!

Facial Spray with Aloe,Herbs,and Rosewater- I love this facial spray! The smell is amazing! Smells just like a rose.

I use this when I need to add a little more moisture to my face throughout the day, also to set my makeup. I use to use M.A.C.’s fix plus as my makeup setting spray but I wanted to try something different and immediately fell in love with Mario Badescu’s. You really can’t beat the price either!

Drying Lotion- Anyone who gets pimples needs this product!! It’s the best spot treatment for pimples I’ve ever tried! It’s non drying to your skin but really does dry up your pimple. The product is very cool to apply as well. You don’t shake the bottle, simply dip a q-tip into the bottle to reach the pink sediment at the bottom, take it out and apply to your pimple. It does leave a pink dot on your face so I recommend using this at night before bed. You’ll wake up with the pimple reduced or even gone!


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