Review of My Favorite Lush Cosmetics Products

I love products that are natural and good for your skin. Lush Cosmetics has some of the best, natural products I’ve ever come across. When you walk into a store it smells so amazing! They have something for everyone and every skin type. These are my favorite products from them.


My top three products that I will never go without are the Tea Tree Water, Vanishing Cream, and the Mask of Magnaminty.

Tea Tree Water–  Is a spray on toner water. I use this after I’ve cleansed my face as my toner. It helps balance my skin’s PH, helps control my oily skin, prevents breakouts and doesn’t dry my skin out. I use it morning and night. Tea Tree is an antibacterial and anti fungal to help with imperfections. This product doesn’t contain alcohol like most toners do so it’s perfect for my sensitive skin. The smell is amazing too!


Vanishing Cream– Is a light but very moisturizing face moisturizer. I have oily skin and this works perfectly with it. I love the natural witch hazel in this product because it helps to tighten pores. It also has shea butter in it so it doesn’t leave any residue that some products can leave on your skin. I don’t use this during the day because I feel like its too thick for the day time so it’s my nightly night cream. In the morning my face is hydrated and plump. I love it!



Mask of Magnaminty– Probably my all time favorite face mask! (and I’ve tried a bunch) I can’t even describe how good this mask is, but I’ll try. The moment you put this mask on your skin you can feel it working. You apply a thick layer on your skin and leave it on for 5-10 minutes. It has peppermint in it which helps stimulate your skin and pull out all the impurities. The main ingredient is bentonite gel which deep cleans pores and tightens them at the same time. It contains loads of aduki beans to exfoliate flaky or dry skin, vanilla absolute to calm redness and honey to soothe. You can also use the mask on your back and chest. This mask literary has it all and is good for all skin types. When you rinse it off your skin feels super clean and fresh like its still on your face! Since using this product I’ve noticed my skin is brighter and my acne scars have faded a lot!


I wanted to include this picture just so you can see the texture of the mask. It’s amazing!

 I’ve tried other products from them but I can’t say they’re my favorite.

Grease Lighting– is a tea tree gel that helps fight breakouts. It worked ok, but I love my Mario Badescu Drying Lotion to help dry up my pimples.


Big Shampoo– is a sea salt shampoo. I just found it really drying on my hair. It has a small lather but not as much as I like.


Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask– this mask just smelled funny to me. I didn’t see any results other then it just felt good on my skin. After using the mask of magnaminty no other mask comes close to it! The fresh masks only last about two weeks and has to be kept in your fridge because it’s made with all natural food products.


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