I was tired of looking at my plastic bottles of dish and hand soaps at my kitchen sink. The bottles are ugly and I hate storing them under the sink because its a pain in the butt to grab them every time I want to wash the dishes or my hands. I figured let’s use mason jars instead of ugly plastic bottles. This project was easy thanks to Danny of course! He taught me how to use the drill but I think he secretly likes helping me on all my projects! Love you babe. So here’s how to make these cute mason jar soap dispensers.

First you have to find pumps that you want to use for each jar. I found the top two pumps at the Dollar Tree attached to a bathroom sink soap dispenser. I had to make sure the plastic part on the pumps that goes into the jar would be the right length for my mason jars. The other pump was off of an old Soft Soap dispenser I had laying around the house. Tape off the plastic parts under the pumps to get ready to spray paint.


Danny helped me drill the right size holes in order to get the pumps to fit tightly onto the lids of the mason jars. Once this is done, it’s time to spray paint.


The color spray paint I used was dark bronze. I let the first cost dry for an hour and the second coat overnight.


Next it’s time to attach the lids and pumps. Put the glue on the bottom of the lid where the lid and pump come together.  We used a waterproof adhesive and let this dry overnight. Than attach the pump, lid and band onto your mason jar full of soap and you’re good to go!! Super easy and way cuter then plastic bottles! Xoxo



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